SETsquared Workshop: Brainstorming Techniques


March 21, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
SETsquared Boardroom
Engine Shed

Brainstorming skills

Workshop Leader: Greville Commins, SETsquared Entrepreneur in Residence

Brainstorming is a technique developed by ad agencies in the 60s to help teams innovate on a wide range of subjects and produce a high volume of new ideas. In a short time the brainstorming teams can generate more ideas than any other technique and the workshop demonstrates effective techniques for generating ideas that help you move forward with your business. Once these ideas are generated the workshop covers other techniques for grouping and analysing these new ideas into a set of key structured messages. This workshop is an ideal lead in to the Key messaging workshop in the afternoon (book here).

Delegates: Open to anyone who needs to identify new ways to solve business problems or challenges.

Outcomes: Be able to run brainstorming sessions internally to tackle a range of subject matters and very quickly generate a large volume of new ideas and approaches.

Attendees are expected to book for the afternoon marketing messages session in addition to this workshop.

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